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Outdoor Target shooting happens on a flat and open field with targets set up at various distances up to 90 metres.


During the winter months, the weather dictates that a lot of the time we are forced to shoot in our indoor facility, at a closer range, usually at 18 metres or 20 yards.


Beginners usually start shooting at 10 metres for a  short time, quickly moving up to 18 metres (or 20 yards). As an archer's skill improves over time, they can decide to shoot further distances, up to and beyond the international competition distance of 70 metres. 

Bowbrook welcomes all archers, whatever their aspirations, so throughout the year targets are set out on our range at most distances, hopefully, to suit everyone. This means that archers coming to shoot do not have to start a session by moving a large and heavy Boss (Target) into position.


Competitive target archery is usually at longer distances although the distances reduce substantially for junior archers.


Most competitions are shot in Rounds (a set number of arrows shot at a set distance).  All major international competitions nowadays are WA (World Archery) metric rounds, including The Olympics Games.

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