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May 2020 Committee notes

Updated: May 8, 2023

Notes of Committee Meeting

held on 27th May 2020.

1. Present:

Jonathan Walton (JW), Neil Clarke (NC), Joanne Rawlings (JR),

Sheila Clarke (SC), Chris Harrison (CH), Fred Manley (FM),

Sam Dixon (SD), Jon Poole (JP), Lyn Anderson (LA),

In attendance: Tim Swane (TS), David Anderson (DA),

Marese Seabury (MS)

2. Apologies:

John Leach, Al Preece, Martin Roberts, Joe Becker, Ed Cartwright.

3. Minutes of Last Meeting were considered and approved.

(to mailbox for publication 28/5)

4. Matters arising from previous minutes:

4.1 “It was agreed that JR prepare guidance on the playing of music on the shooting line during club session” to be held over for the next meeting.

5. Report: A verbal update about the Club responses to the COVID-19 situation was given by the Club Chair.

6. Sub Group Updates.

6.1 It was noted that the Communications Review will be on the Agenda for the next Committee meeting.

7. COVID-19 and Bowbrook Archers.

7.1.1 Whilst the Club remains in a sound financial position despite the lockdown, CH led the discussion about potential considerations in forecasting the next few months’ financial impact.

7.1.2 Estimated some 25% reduction in numbers of members re-joining this year.

7.1.3 TS is in discussion with AGB about national re-introduction of Beginner’s Courses. TS hoping guidance will be produced over the next fortnight, and is looking to re-commencing BA BC’s end of June. These will need advertising, as, not surprisingly, TS has not had too many enquiries.

7.1.4 It was noted that whilst our Try Archery sessions / Archery Experience sessions will be ‘easier’ to re-introduce once guidance is provided, our HAG’s are very different. It was agreed that they will be last to be re-launched.

7.1.5 It was agreed that the 2020/21 Bowbrook Membership year will commence 1st August; payments necessary by the end of July. The fee for 2020/21 will be 10/12ths of the 2019/20 fee. It was noted that the renewal figure will assume no AGB fee increase. If the fee is increased, a surcharge may be necessary.

7.2.1 The new Booking System was welcomed.

7.2.2 During the initial two weeks, bookings had revealed the need for a tweak of distances: therefore it was agreed that for the next two week booking block the 80/60 yard Lane be replaced by a 50 / 30 metres.

7.2.3 It was agreed that all members be encouraged to fully use the system before attending the facility. This to include booking their session – not just turning up - and also cancelling any sessions they can’t attend. The latter is via their emailed confirmation.

7.3.1 Following discussion, the proposal from SC and NC for Lockdown Affiliates was agreed, effective from 1st June. The two month fee to be £35. The first two weeks will be restricted to SAS archers, and then opened up to a limited number for others.

7.3.2 It was agreed that no new membership applications will be accepted, apart from those archers joining from our Beginner’s Course, or those moving in to the area.

7.3.3 It was agreed that JW outline the arrangement to the SAS Secretary, for onward circulation to Shropshire Clubs.

7.3.4 It was noted that this approach is intended to support Shropshire Archery Club’s through this difficult time.

8. Previously Circulated Papers relating to the Club AGM were discussed.

8.1 Following a proposal from NC that, given the difficulties around arranging an appropriate physical meeting during this period, and confirmation from JP that we do not legally have to hold an AGM, it was agreed that JW and CH draft a paper based ‘report / summary’ to be circulated to all members in-lieu of a physical meeting.

8.2 Following discussion, the committee re-iterated the required role of Events Co-ordinator (Fundraising) remains as per the current role.

8.3 Following discussion, it was agreed that NC would continue on the Committee as an Ordinary Member, and step down from the Events Co- ordinator (Fundraising) role. NC also agreed to take on the H&S remit.

8.4 It was further agreed that the two members wishing to join the committee as Ordinary Members, be welcomed as such.

8.5 8.3 and 8.4 it means that there will now be five ordinary members on the committee, and that no elections will be necessary.

8.6 Therefore, the 2020/21 Committee w.e.f 15th June 2020 will be:

Chair: Jonathan Walton Secretary: Marese Seabury

Treasurer: Chris Harrison M’ship Secretary: Sheila Clarke

Equipment: Fred Manley Coaching: Dave Anderson

Records: Lyn Anderson Safeguarding: Tim Swane

Club Dev’t: Jo Rawlings Events C’tor: Joe Becker

Comms: Dean Prior

Ordinary Members: Jon Poole (including County Rep), Sam Dixon,

Neil Clarke (including H&S), Trevor Sparrow, Winston Damerum

8.7 The above Committee members will also be the Club’s Director’s for 2020/21.

8.8 It was agreed that both Members interested in being the Club Junior Rep. would be welcomed in to the role.

8.9 JW undertook to discuss the Webmaster role with DP, as a matter of urgency, whilst NC will speak to DT and ask him to continue in that role for a little longer.

9. Any Other Urgent Business

9.1 NC updated the Committee on the Club’s tentative return to Dell Farm for Field practices. Very restricted numbers of archers and targets, learning how we can offer this activity to the wider membership, but initially focussing on those members who regularly attend Dell Farm practices. This approach was understood and supported.

10. Time and Date of Next Meeting:

7.30pm Wednesday 15th July. Venue TBA.

Please note that DRAFT notes of this meeting will be circulated to Committee Members within seven days. They will only be ratified by the Committee at the next Meeting, and then be published on the Website.

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