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AGM 2019 Notes

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Notes of 2019 A.G.M.

Held 25th April, in The Shed.

1. Present:

Sam Dixon, Ed Cartwright, Neil Clarke, Chris Harrison, Ian Johnston, Tim Swane,

John Ashton, Jo Rawlings, Sue Cartwright, Sheila Clarke, Martin Roberts,

Dick Hilton, Lauren Rawlings, David Thornton, Lyn Anderson, Ian Casewell,

David Anderson, Jasmine Casewell, David Goddard, Barbara Barrett,

Gavin McKinnel, Jonathan Walton, Liz Norton, Sandra Harrison, John Leach,

Winston Damerum, Fred Manley, Sam Dixon, Tom Manley, Dean Prior,

Laura Sheldon, James Beckett, Ken Stowe.

2. Apologies:

Bob Clarke, Jon Poole, Penny Turner, Ian Roberts, Penny Manley,

James Manley, Paul Holland.

3. Minutes from 2018 AGM:

3.1 Matters arising:

3.1.1 Paragraph 6. It was noted that whilst no member had come

forward to organise any ‘new’ WA competitions during the year, Jo Rawlings is

working up proposals for the next committee meeting, to run a WA18 Indoor

comp. in October 2019. If this is successful, Jo is considering an outdoor WA

720 for 2020.

3.1.2 Paragraph 7. It was confirmed that the (ex) member who had

offered to join the committee to run events had not been able to do as she was

an Associate member, and Committee Members must be Full members.

3.1.3 Paragraph 10. Noted that the Car Park had been extended. Also

noted that the Field Practice area is now up and running. Due to overshoot

limitations, this area is NOT available to Compounds

4. Chairman’s Report:

4.1 Sam Dixon presented his Report, which is attached as Appendix 1 to

these Notes.

5. Committee Report:

5.1 Neil Clarke spoke to his summary of everything from the last year. The

full Report is attached to these Notes as Appendix 2.

6. Financial Report:

6.1 Chris Harrison detailed the previous year’s financial situation, and the

projections for the coming year, and the basis for the budget setting process. The

Treasurer’s Report is attached as Appendix 3.

7. Adoption of REVISED Operational Procedures:

7.1.1 Neil Clarke explained that, during the scheduled Ops Procs Review,

the only amendments were the removal of the (defunct) Social Members

category, and a tidying up of the Visitor arrangements.

7.1.2 As a result of the review, and the arrival of an Insurance Renewal

requiring confirmation that we operate as an Amateur Sports Club, it had been

agreed that any member using the facilities to Coach non-Bowbrook Members

must use the Facilities Booking procedure. This requires an email request to the

Secretary, and confirmation of Insurance arrangements for the ‘event’. This is in

line with all other uses of our facilities by ‘non-Bowbrook’ users, and provides the

necessary degree of separation between Bowbrook Archers and the Hirers.

8. Election of Committee.

8.1 At this point of the meeting, Mr Ed Cartwright, Club President,

assumed the Chair.

8.1.1 Those re-standing for the Committee were elected.

8.1.2 Secretary / Events: Neil Clarke Treasurer: Chris Harrison

Membership: Sheila Clarke Equipment: Fred Manley

Coaching: Barbara Barrett Website: Dave Thornton

Records: Lyn Anderson Safeguarding: John Leach

Ordinary Members: Martin Roberts, Al Preece,

Ordinary Member / County Rep: Jon Poole

Facebook: Dean Prior

8.1.3 Following a secret ballot, Jonathan Walton was elected Chair, and Sam

Dixon elected to the vacant Ordinary Member position. The teller’s – John

Ashton, Ken Stowe and Laura Sheldon were thanked.

9. Election of Company Directors:

9.1 Under the Club Operational Procedures, the elected Committee

Members (to specified posts) were confirmed Company Director’s for the

forthcoming year. Consequently, the details of any previous Members on the

Director’s Register will be removed.

At this point, Jonathan Walton assumed the Chair.


10. Membership Fees 2019/20:

10.1 Chris Harrison detailed the recommended Bowbrook Archer’s

Membership Fee increase of £5 per member. This means the coming year’s fees

are as illustrated below.

Bowbrook Fee Affiliation Total

Full Snr: 93.50 57 £150.50

Full Snr (18-24) 93.50 22 £115.50

Full Jnr 44.50 12.50 £ 57.00

Full (Disabled) 93.50 15.50 £109.00

Ass. Snr 115.00

Ass. Jnr 55.00

Ass. Uni 47.00

11. Club development:

11.1 BOOST development sessions:

11.1.1 Barbara Barrett outlined the BOOST Course, and the benefits for

archers new and old. Further Courses will be run, with the next anticipated for

September time.

11.2 Members spending priority:

11.2.1 Fred Manley explained that it would be helpful for the membership to

indicate what the next spending priority should be, as and when the funds

become available.

11.2.2 Following explanation of the four priorities as seen by the committee –

New Sit & Ride Mower, Car Park Extension, Shed Heating improvements, Mains

Power connection – there was unanimous support for the Mower. This will

improve the Outdoor ranges, once funds are in place.

11.3 Future direction of Bowbrook Archers:

11.3.1 Chris Harrison detailed the approach the committee are taking to

ensure the views of the membership are reflected by the committee.

11.3.2 A survey / questionnaire will soon be issued to all members, via all

available routes – email, paper, Facebook, website – and a short (couple of

weeks) period of time given for response.

11.3.3 The committee will then review the results, and consider the next


12. Introduction of achievement badge scheme:

12.1 Lyn Anderson explained the new scheme, available from now. A flyer

with all the details (attached as Appendix 4) will be on the Facebook Members

Only page and the Club Website. Members are encouraged to ‘spread the word’.

13. Safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults:

13.1 John Leach reminded everyone of the way the Club Policy and the

Archery GB Policy interact. He pointed out that AGB had changed their own

Policy Review date to January 2021, so the Bowbrook Policy Review would be

changed to be in line with that.

13.2 The change in AGB Rule, stating that under 18’s must be accompanied

by an AGB Member PLUS a responsible adult (if the responsible adult is also an

AGB Member, that’s fine) was discussed.

14. Easy Fundraising Scheme:

14.1 John Leach updated on this scheme, and encourages all members to

consider using it as a way to increase Club funds.

15. Any Other Business.

15.1 Tim Swane advised that a Barebow Coaching Session from a world

champion will be hosted by Bowbrook on the 5th June. Publicity will be available


16. The meeting ended at 20.45, with Jonathan Walton thanking the membership for

their trust.

Neil Clarke,

Club Secretary

26th April 2019.

These draft notes are prepared and available for members. They need to be

corrected and ratified at the 2020 AGM. Any member noticing any discrepancies /

inaccuracies should advise the secretary by email ASAP, please.

This website version is the ‘redacted’ one: the Treasurer’s Report has financial

figures hidden. Members wishing to receive the full version showing figures

are asked to email

Appendix 2 (i)

Committee Review

Appendix 2 (ii)

Committee Review

Appendix 2 (iii)

Committee Review

Appendix 2 (iv)

Committee Review

Appendix 3 (i)

Finance Report

Appendix 3 (ii)

Finance Report

Appendix 3 (iii)

Finance Report

Appendix 4(i):

Bowbrook 252 Scheme

Appendix 4(ii):

Bowbrook 252 Scheme

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