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February 19 committee notes

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Notes of Committee Meeting

held on 19th February 2020.

1. Present:

Jonathan Walton (JW), Neil Clarke (NC), Sheila Clarke (SC),

Dean Prior (DP), Fred Manley (FM), Barbara Barrett (BB),

Chris Harrison (CH), Jon Poole (JP), Lyn Anderson (LA),

Joe Becker (JB).

In attendance: David Anderson (DA).

2. Apologies:

John Leach, Sam Dixon, Al Preece, Martin Roberts, Jo Rawlings.

3. Minutes of Last Meeting were considered and approved. (to mailbox 20/2)

4. Matters arising from previous minutes:

4.1.0 DP updated on the new Club Clothing arrangements, and presented our new ‘Clothing Brochure’, which will soon be circulated and publicised.

4.1.1 The purchase of 25 sew-on badges approved.

4.1.2 DP was thanked and congratulated for his hard work.

4.2.2 Noted that the Beginner’s Course inclusion of a Field / Clout Taster Session had been agreed with the Beginner’s Coordinator.

4.6.2 Noted that Individualised BC’s are up and running. All coaches reminded to refer membership fee and joining enquiries to Membership Secretary, to avoid confusion.

4.7 Confirmed that the Club Record Rules are prominently displayed across the Noticeboard, Website and FBMO.

5.2.5 NC advised that so far only three sets of HAG dates ‘confirmed’. Recognising NT requires early notification of our commitment, it was agreed to review at next meeting.

5.5.3 JB confirmed he had sent in our nomination for the SAS Chairman’s Award. Awaiting further information. JB to forward the nomination detail to Club Secretary for records.

5.6.1 NC confirmed that, once funding available, the BBA ‘logo’ sign will be displayed on the gable end. TBC whether it be vinyl, galvanized or perspex, dependent on costs.

7.1 Confirmed that the joint CC / Sec’. email regarding coaching had been sent out. As agreed by Committee a Notice reminding members to carry their membership cards displayed.

9.2 Due to lack of interest, we will not be supporting Sport Relief this year.

9.4 Agreed that the wheels on the x1 Indoor Target Stand a success, and agreed to do same with a second Stand.

5. Reports were made by the Committee Members, key points being…

5.1.0 Chair:

5.1.1 JW advised that, due to the weather, the anticipated grass cutting hadn’t happened. The Mower will be serviced by March.

5.1.2 Attendance figures of members signing in to shoot showed a year on reduction for the years since the Shed was opened. Attendance spread across each day, with Club Sessions proving popular still. Every day is seeing archers signing in.

5.1.3 Of particular note is the reduction in Junior numbers. This is being addressed, notably by Tim Swane.

5.1.4 Thanks to Andy and Lou Yates for their donated Tiles, which have now been laid.

5.1.5 Thanks to Ian Roberts for everything he does, and to everyone else who helps run the Club.

5.2.0 Secretary:

5.2.1 NC advised the committee that he is standing down from the role.

5.3.0 Treasurer:

5.3.1 CH talked to his Report. Finances are OK.

5.4.0 Development Officer:

5.4.1 Now 61 entries for the Double WA720 shoot, which is now included as a qualifying shoot for those archers wishing to be considered for SAS County Team selection.

5.5.0 County Reps:

5.5.1 JB talked to his Report.

5.5.2 NC confirmed that the requested information had been emailed to WMAS (Target Numbers) and SAS (Membership Numbers).

5.5.3 NC confirmed, as previously reported to committee, that all BBA ranges have been re-registered with AGB. Certificates on the wall under the Noticeboard.

5.5.4 JB will get a ‘course prospectus’ from Gary Jones for the Exploitation Course available for members.

5.5.5 JP reported that there may be a request for our Heritage to be this year’s Novice Shoot. Confirmation needed asap so that Andy Yates (Organiser) can include on Entry Form etc.

5.6.0 Coaching Co-ordinator:

5.6.1 BB advised the committee that she will not be re-standing for this role, and would like to step down immediately. After some 17 years on the committee, BB would like to re-focus on her own archery, and coaching.

5.6.2 BB reported on the Coaches meeting.

5.6.3 The committee were pleased that a way had been found to continue offering Field and Clout as a part of the Beginner’s Course, as this is a very important part of Bowbrook’s history and tradition.

5.6.4 Noted that a session from Tim to update coaches awareness and understanding of the latest ‘techniques’ for Beginner’s would be welcomed, in addition to the other formal courses offered by AGB.

5.6.5 Noted that the 2020 Budget includes some additional funding for necessary Coaches update training.

5.6.5 Noted that the formalised provision of Tuesday evening coaching will be dropped, with members being encouraged to sort out one-to-one coaching at more convenient times.

5.7.0 H&S and Safeguarding:

5.7.1 JL will not be re-standing for these roles, but is prepared to continue to offer H&S support for as long as we need it.

6. Sub Group Updates: Each sub-group updated the Committee on key points progressed since the last meeting.

6.1.0 Budget Setting Group:

6.1.1 The proposals from the group were explained and agreed.

6.1.2 Membership Fees, Facility Hire Fees, Beginner’s Course Fees etc. were all discussed, with a final set approved in readiness for the AGM.

6.2.0 Exploration of Mains Electrification:

6.2.1 JW presented the latest cost estimates for bringing mains to the Shed.

6.2.2 It was re-iterated that the 10k ‘buffer’ will not be used, and that no commitments will be made unless and until a significant proportion of the necessary monies are ‘in the bank’.

6.2.3 Should short term member’s loans be considered useful to speed up the process once the aforementioned funds are there, these will be given priority for repayment. These should come from a number of members, not just a couple.

6.2.4 It was agreed that we will not be in a position of knowing if we have funding this year until the end of June, therefore, JW to ask WPD if they will extend their ‘quoted offer’ until then.

6.2.5 It was recognised that the full proposal will be put to the AGM before proceeding further.

6.2.6 It was also recognised that the proposal for a meter for ‘pay as you shoot’ heating (outside Club Sessions) will also be presented to the AGM.

6.3.0 Communication’s Review:

6.3.1 JW has discussed the review with Patrick Boughton, who is undertaking the review, and will report to the next Committee Meeting.

6.3.2 JW undertook to forward the ‘brief’ given to Patrick to Secretary, so that the committee is aware of the remit.

7. Previously Circulated Papers: None this month.

8. Bowbrook Shoots:

8.1 Confirmed that Wenlock Shoot Entry Form will be issued.

8.2 JW will be supported by Phil Lambert in organising the County Clout this year, with any ‘surplus’ being shared between BBA and LMA.

8.3 Agreed that this year’s Indoor Handicap be run along the lines of the Indoor League shoot i.e. across the week, witnessed scores, etc.

9. Any Other Urgent Business:

9.1 Target for youngsters whereby the boss is lower has been sorted, which is also suitable for form training.

9.2 Agreed that our Try Archery sessions can be either Barebow or Sights, dependent on what the ‘customer’ wants to do.

9.3 Agreed that we encourage volunteers to step forward as Junior Rep.

9.4 Agreed that an email be sent by DP to members pointing out Club vacancies – Club Secretary, Coaching Co-ordinator, Safeguarding Officer, H&S rep. and Junior rep.

Current postholders to send DP a paragraph ‘role summary’ asap.

10. Time and Date of Next Meeting:

7.00pm Thursday 19th March (note new time and day).

Home Farm Café tbc.

Ratified as an accurate reflection of the meeting at the 19/3/20 meeting, approved for circulation on the website.

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