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Architectural Heritage Shoots

This is a traditional style shoot and a great way to experience a competition setting for the first time.

During the late Spring, Summer, and Early Autumn months many of the clubs within Shropshire will host a competition. This is a ‘National’ round, which comprises 6 dozen (72) arrows, of which 4 dozen will be shot at 60yds and 2 dozen at 50yds. There are also opportunities for juniors to shoot closer distances and seniors to shoot further distances if requested. The target face is 122cm (the big one) and scoring is done; Gold - 9, Red - 7, Blue – 5, Black – 3, White – 1, Miss – M.

The day usually begins with arriving at the venue (Around 12pm), finding a check in tent, paying your money (juniors £4 & seniors £6), and being told where your target will be. Next you need to take all of your archery equipment from the car to the tent line and set up.

Most people will arrive about an hour before ‘Sighters’ so that they can relax, chat to people and prepare for the shoot.

After the first 4 dozen arrows have been scored, the targets will often need to be moved 10 – 20yds closer to the shooting line so that the final 2 dozen arrows can be shot. Normally this gives a 15-minute break to go to the toilet, fix any equipment issues and buy raffle tickets (£1 per strip).

Once the final 2 dozen arrows have been shot at the shorter distance then everyone will pack up their equipment, as quickly as possible, to go to the buffet lunch, provided by the club, have a raffle and if the shooting went well then maybe win a medal at the presentation too.

At these shoots you will get to visit parts of Shropshire, practice shooting at other locations, meet people from other clubs and ultimately win a shiny. They are small shoots, with only up to 50 people attending and everyone is friendly.

Hafren - 11th June 2023
Download entry form & details
Longmynd - 18th June 2023
Download entry form & details
Croesoswallt - 16 July 2023
Download entry form & details
Bowbrook - 6th August 2023
Audco - 13th August 2023
Download entry form & details
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