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Field Archery

Field Archery at Bowbrook.


Bows and arrows were originally a way to put food on the table - whilst allowing the hunters to stay at a safe distance!


Field Archery can be seen as a modern day interpretation of hunting - although, of course, none of us would ever consider hunting real animals. The Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 makes hunting with bows illegal.


Modern day Field Shooting simulates that history by having fixed targets around which the archer moves. These targets can be Roundels, 2d, or 3d. The latter types tend to represent various animals - including dinosaurs. The 3d versions are made of a rubberised foam.


Here at Bowbrook, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy variances on the theme throughout the year.


In nearby woods, we are allowed to use the 3d Field Course during pre-arranged Practice Sessions and Competitive (scoring) ‘Shoots’. All bow types are welcomed (sighted and unsighted), and all abilities catered for.


The course, which is under constant development and regularly maintained, provides a relatively accessible route (sorry, not suitable for wheelchairs) which takes full advantage of the woodland setting: the terrain, flora and fauna are all used to ensure all archers, at whatever standard, are challenged - whilst the team also make sure everyone has a lot of fun before, during, and after the shooting!


As an inclusive archery club, proud of our tradition of encouraging all types of archery, our woodland course enjoys a separate Insurance arrangement, which allows us to welcome Field Archers who aren't necessarily affiliated to ArcheryGB: if you're a member of NFAS, EFAA, or independently insured, contact Neil to arrange a practice session and / or more details.


Back at the Club site, we have an established Field Practice corner, which is the perfect area to develop your skills.


Here, we have a mix of Roundels, and numerous 2d and 3d targets, all at unmarked distances, and all regularly changed around to avoid familiarity! Regrettably, due to the overshoot limitations, Compound Bows can not be used there.


Whilst it is primarily a Practice area, some members use the regularly arranged sessions to do  mini-competitions, and score against each other! Again, as with all Field archery, the archers enjoyment and banter enhance the experience!


Introductory sessions for either the 3d Course, or the Practice Corner, are provided upon request.


For more information about Bowbrook’s Field Archery, contact Neil Clarke ( 



Neil Clarke

Bowbrook Field Officer

Details of our local fupcoming field shoots
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