Field Archery

Bows and arrows were originally used to help put food on the table. They allowed hunters to get their meat from a safe distance.


Field Archery reflects the tradition in a completely modern and nature-friendly way, where we shoot at a variety of targets in a woodland setting.

Of course, we would never condone hunting of any type these days, and hunting with a Bow has been against the law here since the Wildlife & Countryside Act of 1981.

Targets include roundels (similar to those used in target archery) and 3d foam shaped to look like animals including dinosaurs!


At Bowbrook, we are lucky enough to be able to offer members variances on the theme throughout the year. 

In woods close by, we have a course which takes full advantage of the terrain, flora and fauna to give archers challenging shots at different targets. Some are downhill, others up, some very short, some at quite a distance. The trees provide their own challenges, with no two shots the same. Sessions are arranged regularly, whilst competitions with archers from other clubs add to the fun.

We also have a permanent, mini practice Course in one corner of our Field, available alongside the target ranges. Height is provided by way of our bund, allowing archers to practice their stances. As in the woods, a variety of targets are laid out to help improve skills. Our self-planted trees, provided by The Woodland Trust, are good for the environment and will add to the challenge as they grow.

As usual, Bowbrook Archers welcomes and encourages all bow types, sighted and traditional, although due to space limitations our Field practice corner is not available to Compound archers.

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