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We are the only club in Shropshire to own it’s shooting ground which includes indoor and outdoor target ranges, a clout range and a 3D field archery area.

The target ranges, registered with Archery GB, are open to all club members and associates from 8am to 10pm throughout the year. It is important that all Archery GB safety guidelines are followed.

Bowbrook adheres to the best practice set out in Archery GB's OnTarget community specialism program, developed so that Archery GB can recognise clubs working hard in specific areas of the sport, as such, we are pleased to be a certified member of this program.​


Our indoor range provides warmth and shelter from the elements and is perfect for practice and coaching sessions at any time of year. There is plenty of room at the back of the range for spectators and for members to assemble and tune archery equipment.

The indoor range allows 7 full sized bosses to be set up enabling shooting at up to 25metres range although most activity is based on the normal 20yds/18m distance.

Indoor range

8 target bosses

Up to 25 metres

Safety curtain

Equipment store

Viewing area

Lighting and heating

Tables and chairs

Tea & coffee

Wash rooms

Bowbrook at sunset.png


The outdoor range is set amongst Shropshire's stunning countryside and the field is very well maintained by the team and friends of Bowbrook. One of the joys of Bowbrook is the opportunity to shoot any bow type in Target, Clout, and Field archery.

All forms of archery encouraged at Bowbrook Archers. The field now boasts 2 target ranges that operate entirely independently with distances from 10yds to 100yds, plus all metric variations. In addition, the field is long enough for a clout range to be permanently set out.


During the last few years one corner of the field has been transformed into a small 3D field archery range which is steadily increasing in scope and which will be greatly enhanced as the many trees that have been planted get larger. Field archery has been very popular in Bowbrook since the early days of the club and in addition to the range on our field we have a well established 3D range in some woodland on the edge of Shrewsbury and hold regular sessions at that venue.

Target Archery

10 yards to 100 yards

30 metres to 90 metres

21 target bosses

Clout Archery

Room for up to 20 archers

80 yards to 180 yards

Flat range

Field Archery

Practice area with platform

Variety of animal targets

3D woodland course nearby

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