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COVID-19 Guidance


We're all very lucky that we are able to continue to shoot at the moment at Bowbrook during the pandemic, but as COVID 19 still remains a threat, we must maintain certain precautions to ensure our safety. You can download our guidance notes and the Archery GB guidelines below.

Indoor Shooting

During the Covid-19 crisis, all indoor lanes should be booked using the same booking system as the outdoor bookings. Please don’t book an indoor and an outdoor lane for the same time slot to cover yourself should the weather turn bad! But if the weather goes bad during your outdoor session and there is an indoor lane available you may use it although it will help the club if you book it before you start shooting there – for the reasons already described above.

Note that while all the indoor sessions start at the same time as the outdoor sessions, they only last for 90minute, not 2 hours. This then allows a 30minute window for all archers who have finished their session to vacate the building before the next batch arrives.

Outdoor Shooting

With 9 shooting lanes in 2 separate ranges this means there is a capacity of 54 sessions per day.  Each shooting lane is approx. 5m wide. Only one archer may shoot in each lane (or more than one if you live in the same house). There are 2 bosses in each lane so you can choose your preferred distance – these distances are different for each lane and are displayed when you book. We intend to keep both ranges operating with the “nogo” area in between. Take a face and a pack of target pins from the verandah on your first visit, use them then take them away with you. Use them again next time you come to shoot. Only take another face when the first one is sensibly tattered.

Field and Clout archery will continue on our field. Clout will only happen during prearranged sessions when the rest of the range is closed. Field archery similarly although if the field is quiet and the far range empty you can use the 3D field range. Prearranged
sessions for field and clout will be mainly on Wednesday evenings, starting at 630 and you don’t need to book ahead. 

General Guidance

Stay at home if you have any COVID-19 like symptoms or you have been in contact with someone who has.

Wash your hands with sanitiser before picking up target pins or targets and do not handle anyone else's kit. If you have to open the lock on the front gate, you are recommended to sanitise your hands after touching the gate and lock. If you have to use the toilet facilities (emergency use only), please wipe down surfaces after use and wash your hands whilst singing happy birthday!

Keep to social distancing rules at all times. There are now only 9 shooting lanes across the two ranges with two bosses per lane, and only one archer may shoot in a lane at a time.  You are able to book a shooting lane using our online booking system.

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