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This form of archery is essentially a re-creation of medieval battles with arrows shot into the air, over the heads of the archers’ own army, into the ranks of the opposing army. Nowadays, the opposing army has been replaced by small flags, but the principle is the same.

The longest distances shot in Clout are 180metres (World Archery) or 180 yards (ArcheryGB), with appropriate shorter distances for ladies and juniors.  Clout requires a large flat field and we are very fortunate at Bowbrook to have a field large enough to be permanently set out for all these distances.

Clout is a discipline in its own right, and archers shoot all different bow types with great skill at flags that seem impossibly far away.


Most archers shoot clout with simple bows, without using sights including barebow recurves, flat bows, Mongolian bows, and not least, the mighty English Longbow. The sight of a line of archers at a clout shoot loosing arrows into the air cannot fail to excite.

At Bowbrook we have regular clout practice sessions and can offer tuition specific to this form of archery.

For more information please use the contact form here.

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