General information

Bowbrook prides itself on running quality Beginner Courses. They are all taught by ArcheryGB licensed coaches who have been trained to teach the ArcheryGB technical model for shooting. Not all clubs offer licensed coaches but the AGB license means you can be sure the coach has successfully completed a DBS check and has been fully trained in safeguarding matters. The ArcheryGB technical model of shooting a bow has been devised by the top coaches in the country to help the new archer develop a bio-mechanically efficient shooting technique.

That is the legal and science bit out the way. Archery is good fun, keeps you fit, gives you a network of friends and contacts and is great for mental health. Anybody between eight and eighty can shoot a bow. We say 4 limbs are optional, but we do ask that people who need special adjustments let us know in advance of the course so that we can make suitable arrangements.


Please complete the Enquiry Form on the Contact page for further information, a general discussion or to sign up for our course. The club will require an application form which you can download below or the beginners co-ordinator will send you one out. The price can also be obtained from this source and there are discounts for families available. Full payment is required before the course can start.

Once you have finished the course you will receive a certificate that you can use to join any ArcheryGB affiliated club although we hope you will join Bowbrook.

Next Beginner Course - February 2022

ADULT (over 16) Beginner Course - starting 3pm on 26th February for six weeks. Cost - £80.00. Please complete enquiry form to book onto the course. Places are limited so please do not delay.

JUNIOR Beginner Course - starting 2pm on 26th February for six weeks. Cost - £50.00. Please complete enquiry form to book onto the course. Places are limited so please do not delay.

On the day

You will have arranged a time with your coach to do your beginners course. Please try and arrive on time and if you cannot make it let the coach know. Our location can be found from the website. When driving to the ground please take care as the approach roads are part of a well-used National Cycle route and we have a livery stable in close proximity.

Your course may take place outdoors so please dress for the conditions. Close-fitting clothing is needed on the upper body. Sensible, flat-soled, footwear is advisable and open-toes sandals are not permitted on the range for safety reasons. Long hair should be tied up and all jewelry apart from a simple wedding band should be left at home. Body piercings, particularly around the face should be removed or covered with a plaster.


When you turn up at the range your coach will be looking out for you. They will fit you with suitable equipment, show you a few basic drills to start developing your shooting technique and then let you shoot some arrows. Everybody learns to shoot at a different pace so do not worry if you find it hard at first or others are progressing faster. Your coach will help you and by the end of the course, you will be fine.

If conditions permit, you may have the opportunity to try field archery and clout. However, if you do not get this opportunity and you join the club, we will make sure quickly, that you have that experience.