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World Record Status Double 720

Saturday 18th April

Full Information and Entry Form available below:

Double 720 Information.docx
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Double 720 ENTRY FORM
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2019 FrostyFieldRules.pdf
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Full Entry Details 2019.pdf
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Entry form 2019.pdf
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Novice archers:

develop your shooting skills;

learn about equipment;

learn to control your mind;

learn to Breath



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Dell Farm Field Archery

One of the joys of Bowbrook is the opportunity to shoot any bow type in Target, Clout and Field archery.

The latest dates for our Dell Farm Field archery sessions are now on the diary.

Our practice sessions are intended for Members only (small fee payable). If you've not shot Field before, you are encouraged to come along. Field archery is a fun way to develop your archery skills, requiring you to consider your stance, and estimate target distances.

Our Shoots are (apart from the traditional Bowbrook Christmas Shoot) open to any AGB / BLBS  member. All members are encouraged to challenge themselves and have a "fun day in the woods", too.

If you want further information, contact Paul Holland (

To get a taste of field, members have access to the practice area (beyond the far range). This gives you the chance to look at shooting various 3d targets at undetermined distances.

The team looks forward to seeing more Bowbrook Archers at Dell Farm!

Congratulations to JAMES BECKETT for achieving his "Grand Master Bowmen' classification on Compound – well done!

Results of the 2019 Wenlock Shoot can be found in the 'Downloads & Info' Section



We are pleased to announce that Bowbrook Junior archer


Penny Healey


Has achieved a world record for a double 720 @ 60Mtrs

With a score of 1266


Achieved at the Bucks or Bounty tournament earlier this year


Well done Penny from all the Team

The pride of Bowbrook – Our Young Ladies excell at the Junior National Outdoor Championships

Penny won Metric 2 under 18 Recurve

Lauren won Metric 3 under 16 Recurve

Anja got silver Metric 4 under 14 Longbow


Penny won Bristol 2 under 18 Recurve

Lauren got bronze Bristol 3 under 16 Recurve

Anja got Bronze Bristol 4 under 14 Longbow


Leah, Jasmine and Katie all shot really well, and all seemed to enjoy their weekend.


Lauren in the England kit from this weekend's junior national outdoor championships.

This year saw Bowbrook host the Heritage season opener. Attendance was low – just over half of previous numbers – but the weather was great.

A well organised shoot – thank you Andy and Lou – was enjoyed by everyone who attended: especially those archers for whom this was their first competition.

Congratulations to our very own Lauren Rawlings, for being selected to represent her country as a member of the England Junior Archery Team.

A huge "well done and good luck" from everyone at Bowbrook Archers.

Neil Clarke – Club Secretary

End of an Era

After many years as Chairman of Bowbrook Archers, the 2019 AGM saw Sam Dixon retire from the role. Sam has been a stalwart of the club from the time there were only about 20 members - now it’s more like 200!


Gentleman Farmer Sam has seen many changes as a member and as chairman, and has many an interesting tale to tell about those times. He has given a lot to the club and over his tenure as chairman, has given it a respectability that has to be admired. Of course it takes more than one person to do this, and with a band of like-minded dedicated volunteers, he has made Bowbrook what it is today.


I call him ‘Gentle’man Farmer Sam, because that is what he is. His gentle and easy approach speaking to his reports at meetings and his thoughtful and sensible mediations concerning club matters are a testament to his character. Work on the farm is constant and always demanding, and, along with bringing up his family, his acts of selfless kindness of loaning his property, fields and time at Attingham’s Home Farm for the benefit of the club and its members were all given freely - without reward or praise expected.


I for one will miss those great shoots that were held on his field at Attingham Park and the interest taken by the visitors to our sport. I don’t suppose that many people realise what it took to get that field ready for, say, our Heritage Shoot, and then get it in a state ready for his cattle to use again after - certainly weeks either side of the shoot.


Along with the ‘Birthday’ bash shoot that Sam holds on Home Farm each year, the use of his various farm equipment, the use of Home Farm Cafe for meetings, to the delicious cakes his wife makes - it’s no wonder that a proposal from the floor at the AGM, that he was unanimously made an Honorary Member of Bowbrook Archers, and thankfully, voted onto the committee for the Club to still benefit from his wisdom, experience and contributions at future meetings.


Gentleman Farmer, Sam Dixon, Home Farm, Attingham Park, THANK YOU - a truly genuine person you are ever likely to meet - you will be an extremely hard act to follow. – D. Thornton

NEW for 2019 Outdoor Season


Bowbrook Archers

252 Achievement Award Scheme


The “252” is a popular scheme adopted by many archery clubs throughout the UK.  It applies to all archers, irrespective of age, ability or bow type.


The “252” award scheme is designed to encourage accuracy and good grouping at all distances, in order to achieve a score of 252. For example, using a recurve bow the average arrow value would need to be in the red, scoring 7. (36 x 7 = 252).


The scores required have been adjusted according to bow style – compounders will need an average arrow value of 7.7, barebow 5.25 per arrow and longbow 4.5.


How it works:

122cm target face. Largest sized target face. 6 sighters followed by 36 scoring arrows.

Imperial – 5 Zone Scoring GOLD = 9, RED = 7, BLUE = 5, BLACK = 3, WHITE = 1.

The archer selects only ONE distance to be shot on the day from 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, or 100 yards. It is shot as the first part of the days or evenings shooting. (No lengthy practice beforehand just six sighters followed by 36 scoring arrows for the selected distance.

Only one 252 score can be submitted per day – your first one. However you can practice any other distance you like but the score will not count. Scores for the chosen distance will need to be achieved twice to qualify for the award badge. These should be completed on separate days.

If in competition or shooting a recognised Imperial GNAS round such as a York, Albion or National, the first 3 dozen (36) scoring arrows at the longest distance only can be counted towards a 252 (again providing this is the first shoot of the day/evening). 252 scores will not
qualify for a GNAS Classification & Handicaps, although your recognized GNAS round will if submitted Beginners or returning archers are encouraged to shoot the distances in sequence. More experienced archer may find the longer distances more challenging.

The score required is adjusted according to bow style (see graph). Preferably witnessed by another archer but not necessarily during a club session.

Scores should be submitted to the Records Officer via the outdoors score form in the Shed or emailed. Name of the round shot “252” and the distance shot i.e. 30yards & the score achieved.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Records Officer, Lyn Anderson


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